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December 30th, 2011            
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Organized at Garysburg on May 27 1861, Company B joined the 3rd regiment NC Volunteers, on November 14, 1861 and was renamed the 13th NC Troops. A part of the Living History Association of Mecklenburg, the reenacters of the 13th NC, take their hobby very seriously. From the Confederate Gray Kepi (caps), to the linen suspenders and Enfield muskets, every article of clothing, blankets and eating utensils are made to be an exact replica of that which was used during the Civil War.

Most events are staged from Fridays through Sundays and in some cases, on the actual field where the original battles were fought. During this weekend, each reenacter is completely absorbed in 18th century life. meals are prepared over an open fire the same way they were in 1862, and each night is spent covered in a wool blanket or in an A-frame tent.

Several times during the year we switch uniforms and become the 136th New York Volunteers.  Many occasions there are not enough Yankees to accurately portray history

There are many suppliers or Sutlers, to choose from to obtain the needed items. Annual dues of approximately $25 for a recruit member. Transportation is shared by the close knit members of the unit and meals are usually provided at the major events. The Living History Association of Mecklenburg, Inc., also produces a monthly newsletter, The Ranaleburg Rifleman, which is the official publication of he 13th North Carolina, Company B and the 136th NYSV.

The purpose of Civil War Reenacting is educating people of the life and times of a Civil War soldier through presentations, living history, and battlefield reenactments. Accurate reproductions of equipment and uniforms are used to inform and enlighten North Carolinians of their ancestors. For more information on scheduling a school presentation or to learn more about becoming a reenacter, contact  1st Sgt Carl Howerton


Confederate dead at Antietam

To honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.
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